Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy is the platform from which people with disabilities can find their voice; speaking for their wants and needs, rights, and goals. Self Advocacy is the vehicle that drives the individual person to direct the life of their dreams.

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“I just started piano lessons with my teacher. I always wanted to learn piano. I also had an interview with the Angola Theater. I would have a job cleaning up there. I’m going to the Carrie Underwood concert in May. I asked my staff if she would go, so we’re having dinner first and then going to the concert! I spoke up for myself to do these things. I have a new reading goal that I like, too." – Bob Edwards, Oak Street

Self Advocacy

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Self Advocates Choose Group Names

Both the Tonawanda and Hamburg sites have decided on names for their Self Advocacy groups. The Tonawanda site has chosen “We Are the People.” The Hamburg site is now named “Freedom Fighters Self Advocacy.” Learn More

Self Advocates Graduate from Intensive Training Course

On June 23rd, thirteen Self Advocates graduated from an eight section training course offered by the Self Advocacy Association of New York State, called SANYS U. Learn More