Clinical Services

Heritage Centers “Clinical Center of Excellence” is a person centered, multi-disciplinary approach to the care of the people that we serve through our programs and services ensuring that they receive the necessary supports to achieve their wants, needs and dreams. 

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Clinical Center of Excellence

The “Clinical Center of Excellence” is not a place that you are going to find, but rather a philosophy of solution-focused, creative problem solving to ensure the care of the people is of the highest quality.  Heritage Centers approach to clinical services is person-centered, holistic, and comprehensive.  From birth, we are able to continually assess the people that we serve through a “clinical lens” to seek solutions to accessing complicated systems, because at Heritage Centers, we recognize that everyone has evolving needs as we grow and age.  The medical status of the people we serve changes, often times frequently, as well as the ability to complete tasks.  By working cross functionally together, it allows us to forecast wants, needs and desires for the future.   


We have a highly skilled Clinical Team consisting of (but not limited to) nurses, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, behavior specialists, psychologists, and dieticians.  These passionate teams work together in our education, day, work, residential, and community programs.  The care, direction and oversight that these teams provide is quality of life centered, with an emphasis on safety.  These staff members are often used as training resources, and subject matter experts.  The dedicated members of the clinical staff at Heritage Centers strive to attain optimal health and functioning for all of the people we serve, so that they can achieve their dreams.

“The therapists are nice and they help me.” – Sue (Therapy)