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When we look into the beautiful faces of our students, that is exactly what we see – beauty!

Education Program Education Program Education Program Education Program Education Program


Ages Three to Five


At the Heritage Education Program (HEP) all of our supports center around each individual child and family. Children are referred to the preschool program by their respective school district Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE), who determines the child’s eligibility to receive specialized services. Services approved by the CPSE may include special education, occupational therapy, physical therapy speech/language therapy, school nursing, feeding and swallowing programs, parent training and adaptive physical education. We strongly support educating students in the least restrictive environment. We operate full inclusion classrooms and self-contained classrooms in order to match the needs of students. Our student population is diverse in that we have supports in place that can address a child’s cognitive development, provide behavioral supports and/or manage significant physical/medical needs within the school day. Our program strives to deliver services in keeping with developmentally appropriate practices.


Additional components of our school program are the availability of experiences with music, art and activities that address children’s sensory needs. Our school is a licensed partner of The Floortime Center®, providing supports using a holistic child centered approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. The Greenspan Floortime Approach® focuses on taking a child’s lead and building upon his/her interests while expanding social/emotional development, communication and cognition/problem solving skills. 


Services are provided by staff that are duly certified and/or licensed in New York State. Services are determined by the Committee on Preschool Special Education, including the location where those services will be provided, and are at no direct cost to parents. Funding is provided through county and state funds that are designated for special education services. Payment for any child care costs in addition to specialized services are the sole responsibility of parents. Transportation to school by parents is encouraged and is reimbursable through a system the respective county in which the child resides has in place. For those situations in which a family is unable to transport their child, the county will contract for transportation in order for a child to attend school. A six week summer program is available for students who meet the eligibility requirement as determined by the CPSE.

It is our commitment to the children we support, to provide them with a stimulating educational program that promotes learning at each and every step. We must capture all learning opportunities in a meaningful way for each child.


News & Events

Family Involvement

Family involvement is imperative for a child’s successful school experience. The Heritage Education Program, along with our school’s Organization for Parents and Teachers, conducts various events throughout the school year. Learn More

Self Advocates Graduate from Intensive Training Course

On June 23rd, thirteen Self Advocates graduated from an eight section training course offered by the Self Advocacy Association of New York State, called SANYS U. Learn More