Education Program

When we look into the beautiful faces of our students, that is exactly what we see – beauty!

Education Program Education Program Education Program Education Program Education Program

Welcome! At the Heritage Education Program, we recognize that all of our students are children first, and we do everything in our power to nurture, facilitate and expand each child’s growth and development in helping him/her reach for the stars!  Our staff cultivate strong relationships with our students, and we work diligently to provide the greatest nurturing, learning environment that enriches the lives of the children we support.  


We see each child as a child first, and we address each child’s needs holistically, including where he/she is developmentally cognitively, physically, and what his/her sensory needs may be. We then immerse him/her into various learning experiences utilizing developmentally appropriate practices in facilitating learning so that each child may reach his/her fullest potential.


One of our parents coined the phrase that Heritage Education Program is a place where hearts help minds grow! Our warm, caring staff ensure that children and families feel secure that they are in a school that truly cares about the students and that we strive to provide the highest quality program.

We embrace and celebrate each child’s unique qualities! We are committed to providing the highest caliber of educational and therapeutic supports that enable each child to learn in a caring, safe, meaningful and effective environment.