Business Services

Allentown is a high-quality and reliable business services company with over 65 years of experience providing a variety of fixed-cost business support services from fulfillment, packaging and assembly to furniture refinishing, lawn care, janitorial, and labor services.

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Labor Solutions

Allentown’s focus is on workforce solutions through improved quality, efficiency and reliability that enable our customers to concentrate on their core business activities.

Allentown provides personnel to get the job done when and how you need it done. From assembly, packaging and general labor to warehouse work, our services give you a peace of mind in controlling your costs. Unlike other placement agencies, Allentown, provides direct supervision of our employees and tailor our services by providing individuals that fit your particular needs. From temporary to full-time and everything in between, Allentown will provide you with fully insured and trained personnel. Along with on the job training to insure accuracy, at Allentown, live by our motto - "It’s All in the Way We Work."

Our services include:

  • Temporary services
  • Full-time services
  • Contract labor
  • Individual Placement
  • Mobile Work Crews
  • Day Labor


Contact: Allentown Industries (716) 856-4202 ex 1305


“I like the people I’m working with, the different tasks and making more money.” – David Formato, Community Prevoc at Main Place Mall

Business Services

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